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What are the contributions payable by the employer and employee?

The contributions payable by the employer and the employee under the scheme are 12% of PF wages. From the employer’s share of contribution, 8.33% is contributed towards the Employees’ Pension Scheme and the remaining 3.67% is contributed to the EPF Scheme. Employer’s contribution towards Employees’ Deposit-linked Insurance Scheme is 0.50% and the administrative charges are 0.50%.

Can an employee opt out from the Schemes under EPF Act?
Can new employee directly joined drawing salary more than Rs.15000 can he/she be member of PF/ pension?
What is UAN?
How can a member access his/her details through the portal?
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Is an employee entitled to be paid bonus for the period during which he is laid off and is paid layoff compensation?

According to section 14 of the Act an employee shall be deemed to have worked on the days on which he has been laid off. During the period of lay-off he is paid lay-off compensation which is not excluded from the purview of the definition of wages under the Act. He is therefore entitled to be paid bonus for the period.

To which Establishments Bonus Act is Applicable?
Is it mandatory for an employer to constitute an Internal Complaints Committee by an employer?
Who will be the members of Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)?
What will be the tenure of the members of the Internal Complaints Committee?