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Enrollment under all contractual employees under EPF

Enrollment under all contractual employees under EPF with employer compliance.Our company is your strategic HR partner as instead of HR.
Vide instructions under reference, Head Office has advised the field offices from time to time for coverage of contract workers under EPF & MP Act, 1952 and to communicate with the Government Departments, Public Sector Undertakings and Autonomous/Statutory Bodies of Central/State Government and apprise them of their responsibilities under the Act in respect of the coverage of contract workers engaged by them directly or through various agencies and contractors.
It has also been suggested to ensure that all the agencies and contractors engaged by them or to whom any work is outsourced are covered under the Act and all eligible personnel supplied and/or contract workers engaged by such agencies are extended membership of the Schemes framed under the Act and ensure regular compliance by the contractors.
The Central Gövt & State Govt. departments have been given online facility on the Principal employer functionality on EPFO’s portal to watch compliance made through ECR by the contractors under their respective EPF code numbers. The Wentral Provident Fund Commissioner has, issued communication dated 09 11.2021 (copy attached) to Principal Secretary, Labour Department of all State Governments apprising them of the functionality and soliciting the cooperation of State Govt in ensuring coverage of persons engaged by or through contractors.

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