Labour Law Registration & Compliance Services

The main object of the first is to register, regulate and protect the rights of employees. Statutory compliance relates to the various labour and taxation laws prevalent in India and it is mandatory for companies to obey them. Non-compliance with these regulations can land a company into legal trouble such as penalties, fines, or worse. This is why companies spend a good deal of resources for ensuring statutory compliance. Compliance with labour laws must not be viewed as merely a task to satisfy legal obligations, it offers significant benefits in terms of improving trust between employers and their employees.

  • Registration under EPF, ESI, LWF, PT & other applicable Labour Laws
  • Contributions under PF, ESI, LWF and PT
  • Employee enrolments and claim settlement: Withdrawals, Transfer, Advances, Pension etc.
  • Updating of Enomination Process
  • Registration under Contract Labour Act for Labour License
  • Registration under Building and Other construction workers Act for BOCW License
  • Registration under Factory Act for Factory License
  • Registration under Shops and Establishment Act
  • Registration under Labour Welfare Fund
  • Assistance in compliances with applicable labour laws, including filings, returns and record           maintenance
  • Diagnostic review of labour compliances
  • Rectifying the non-compliances under the labour laws


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