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Labour Law Registration

Exertion HR is the Employees’ Champion, specializing in Labour Law Registration & Compliance Services. Our services include registering, regulating, and protecting the rights of employees. We ensure compliance with various labour and taxation laws prevalent in India, helping companies avoid legal trouble such as penalties or fines.

Our team assists with registration under EPF, ESI, LWF, PT, and other applicable labour laws.
Compliance with labour laws not only satisfies legal obligations but also improves trust between employers and their employees.


Who needs to obtain Shop & Establishment Registration?
What is the process for obtaining PF registration for a new establishment?
What is the process for obtaining ESIC registration for a new establishment?

Any new establishment must undergo the process of obtaining the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) registration. ESIC registration becomes mandatory when a company employs 10 or more individuals.

Why do we do professional tax registration for businesses and individuals?

There are several reasons why professional tax registration is necessary:
Is registration under the Labor Welfare Fund Act mandatory for all establishments?