Consultation & HR Compliance Audit services

Conducting a statutory audit as and when the law demands it. All other paperwork and documentation regarding the formation and registration of company. In order to make sure that a business is correctly adhering to federal law, including establishing company rules and guidelines to ensure that workers comprehend and act in accordance to them, the HR department has to complete a compliance audit. An HR Compliance Audit also provides a platform for a business to have a “look in the mirror moment” and figure out if its operational procedures have had a good, bad, or so-so impact on the reputation of a business. Audits also assists in visualizing and quantifying the effects of company procedure to discover previously unseen gaps or weaknesses to make a pathway for answers to absolve the main issue.

  • Assessment proceedings under EPF Act and ESI Act
  • Responding to notices from the EPFO, ESIC and other Labour departments
  • Assistance in inspections/compliance audits from EPFO, ESIC and other Labour authorities
  • Assistance in case-specific approvals and exemptions


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