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Employees’ State Insurance

Exertion HR Employees' State Insurance (ESI) services

The ESIC scheme provides financial protection in the form of health benefits to employees, including maternity benefits, medical benefits, disability benefits, and more.

Our team helps businesses with compliance under various subcodes and manages monthly contributions and compliances.


Can an employee opt out of ESIC coverage?
ESIC Coverage is a social security and health insurance scheme governed by the Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948. It provides medical, cash, maternity, and other benefits to employees and their dependents in case of sickness, disablement, or other contingencies. It applies to employees in factories or establishments with 10 or more employees, earning wages up to a specified limit.
How can employees check their ESIC contribution and benefit details?
How are maternity benefits provided under ESIC?  
Can an employee avail of ESIC benefits if they are working in a different state than their registered ESIC office?
How are ESIC contributions calculated, and who contributes to the fund?

Here’s how ESIC contributions are calculated: