Artificial Intelligence &
Machine Learning

Exertion HR Solutions is the premier institute for training individuals in artificial intelligence and machine learning using Python. Our courses offer international certifications from SybGen so you get a top-level education from the leaders in their field. Attend our courses to truly boost your career or set up a new one by incorporating specialist skills into your repertoire that will help propel you professionally!
Artificial Intelligence has been a trending topic of late, especially given the fast-changing nature of technology these days. The future world of work involves automation and as such it’s important for everyone to know a thing or two about AI so as to stay ahead of the competition regardless of their profession. Acquiring such a skill will open up countless job opportunities in various industries throughout the world.

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Who Can Benefit From This Program

AI and ML courses for beginners

  • - 10 + 2 students
  • - Undergraduates
  • - Post graduates

AI and ML courses for Professionals

  • - An employee looking for professional growth and career development opportunities
  • - Freshers looking High Pay Scale Jobs in Industry

Data Scientist

  • - Business Intelligence Developer
  • - AI / ML engineer

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Course Syllabus

  • 1 Basics Of Machine Learning
  • 2 Linear Regression
  • 3 Logistic Regression
  • 4 Decision Trees
  • 5 Statistics & Distribution
  • 6 Hypothesis testing
  • 7 Supervised Learning
  • 8 Unsupervised Learning
  • 9 Reinforcement Learning
  • 10 Probability and classification, Bayes            optimal decisions
  • 11 Naive Bayes and Gaussian class-            conditional distribution
  • 12 Linear discriminant analysis
  • 13 Principal Component Analysis
  • 14 Learning Vector Quantization
  • 15 Regularization methods:- Ridge, LASSO
  • 16 K-Nearest Neighbour's (KNN)
  • 17 K means clustering
  • 18 Dimensionality Reduction
  • 19 Neural Networks
  • 20 Concept of Agent in AI
  • 21 Predicate Logic

Case Studies

  • 1 Property Rates
  • 2 Titanic Data Set analysis
  • 3 Bank Note Authentication
  • 4 House Prices
  • 5 Blood Pressure + Crop Yield
  • 6 Modified Taxi Driver Problem
  • 7 IMDB Movie Review – Sentiment Analysis
  • 8 Sample Data Creation
  • 9 Social Network Ads
  • 10 Railway Train Data
  • 11 Iris Data – Converted 4D Image into 2D
  • 12 Ionosphere Data
  • 13 Advertising
  • 14 Social Network Ads
  • 15 Identifying Color Code From Image
  • 16 Iris Data – Converted 4D Image into 2D
  • 17 Simple Neural Network Implementation
  • 18 Object Detection In Live Video

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Just Talking About Technical Engineer With AI Is Typical , It’s Time To Make It Happen

Just Talking About Technical Engineer With AI Is Typical , It’s Time To Make It Happen


One of the best things in this course is its student mentors.

These people are always there to help, support, and motivate the student to complete modules on time.

Avani Mehta

I can assure everyone that this is one course that stands apart from every other course in the market.

They gave many other free courses which they have not mentioned.

Niraj Shukla

Exertion HR Solution enforces students to do their best through their ability, knowledge, and creativity. Professors involved and the whole team of Exertion HR Solution motivated me in all spheres of my life

Rajesh Sahasrabuddhe

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