Why E’HR for Permanant Recruitment

Permanant Recruitment


Exertion HR’s skilled and the dedicated team work hard to add value and efficiency ensuring every candidate we recruit is the right match, and every service we provide is of the highest quality.

We are an innovative recruitment agency that has been finding talented staff for Indian businesses having an energized team of experts that work together to find the best talent in market for your organization.

We take the time to get to know your business and understand that cultural fit is as important as the skills and knowledge required, through our strong networks, headhunting based approach and our on-going ambition to truly master Talent Pipelining through our innovative 5G sourcing strategy, we aim to ensure you are not simply seeing the best talent available at the time, you are seeing the best talent in the market.


Our services consists of the following major duties :

  • Compliant with your screening and interviewing requirements.
  • Communicate with clients to get a clear view on their hiring needs and organizational goals
  • Research into clients company
  • Communicate with clients to determine their hiring needs
  • Develop and implement strategies based on clients’ needs
  • Research into competitors and market place
  • Define job description and document specifications
  • Identify prospective candidates using a variety of channels
  • Create a candidate persona for each open position
  • Conduct confidential interviews
  • Follow-up references and check credits
  • Present shortlisted candidates
  • Present detailed candidate profile summaries
  • Build long-term client relationships
  • Research and develop recruiting leads
  • Develop a sustainable candidate lead strategy

Benefits of Permanent over Contract Working

  • Employee Rights. In general, contractors should get the same rights as the permanent employees in a company.
  • Career Development Opportunities.
  • Easier to Follow a Career Path.
  • Job Security.
  • Income Security.
  • Work Instead of Job Hunting.
  • Easier to Obtain Credit.
  • Don't Have to Worry About Tax.